SCO has worked on the following types of Commercial projects.


Highlighted Projects


Credit Union


Urban League


S&V Liquors


Studebaker Museum


First Source Bank


Tower Bank


Empire Center


Valparaiso YMCA


Embarq LV Cooling Tower

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New and Remodeled projects.
Financial Institution
Cooling Tower

The design of commercial space, whether itís retail, office, laboratory, or industrial, allows for the creative use of materials, systems, and methods to meet the unique requirements of each facility. A typical retail project requires a fast-track approach to design, bidding, and construction. With our growing staff of engineers, designers, and draftsman, SCO Engineering, LLC is capable of meeting your deadlines and project budgets. Alternatively, industrial and municipal clients typically must minimize downtime of their facility. We have the ability to coordinate the activities of many teams to see a project through to completion.