Membership &
Current Status of Sustainable
Design in the United States
SCO "Green" Buildings and
SCO is a member of the United States Green Council (USGBC).
  USGBC Growth
1996 – 61 members
2000 – 570 members
2006 – 7,600 members
"Green" Buildings
Regional Public Safety Academy
Wabash Solid Waste Management
Northridge High School

  Average Savings of Green Buildings
Energy Savings – 30%
Carbon Savings – 35%
Water Use Savings – 30-50%
Waste Cost Savings – 50-90%

“Green” Features
Heat Recovery.
Individual room controls.
Automatic Occupancy Sensors for ventilation set-backs.
Automatic Occupancy Sensors for lighting control.
Automatic Occupancy Sensors for water closets, urinals.
Waterless urinals.
High level of water conservation for building and site.
Estimated value of new LEED  for New
2000 - $792 Million
2006 - $10 Billion
2007 - $200 Billion (projected)
480 projects in California
19 projects in Indiana

SCO has 2 certified LEED ฎ Certified Professionals

Slides taken from "an introduction to USGBC" at www.