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8,680 sq.ft. each
$1.3M Construction Cost each
#12 Completed October 2002
#16 Completed December 2002
#17 Completed March 2003
#18 Completed April 2006
#19 Completed April 2006
SCO Provided…
Land Surveying
SchenkelShultz Architecture


The City of Fort Wayne was in need of building three new fire stations in a short period of time and with minimal costs. SCO Engineering evaluated the existing systems used in their existing stations and proposed several modifications that would allow the new facilities to be less costly, more easily maintained, and more advanced at the same time. Each building uses the same basic plan with minor revisions that are unique to each building’s needs. The mechanical and electrical systems are tied in with the operations of the station to allow the fire squad to have a building that is smart enough to shut off power to the kitchen when they leave the building for a call, close the doors behind them as they leave, and even turn on the lights when a dispatch comes in.