Boundary Survey - Original

Original Survey means a survey that is executed for the purpose of locating and describing real property that has not been previously described in documents conveying an interest in the real property and/or creating a new tax parcel.

  • obtain a sketch from the client clearing indicating the size, configuration, locations, etc of the parcel to be created

  • obtain copies of the laws regulating division of property that govern in the jurisdiction in which the property is located consult with the local planning department / commission to ensure the parcel complies with the current zoning regulations

  • retrace the boundary lines of the subject portion of the parent tract that will be required to define the location of the parcel to be created

  • shows the monuments (rebars, pipes, nails, spikes, posts, etc) found or set at the corners of the parcel

  • shows the improvements / buildings within boundaries of the subject parcel

  • shows evidence of use by others / discrepancies in the lines of occupations and/or possession (fences, mow lines, tree lines, hedge rows, walls, visible evidence of utilities, drives, etc..)

  • includes a drawing, referred to as a Plat of Survey, clearly depicting the parcel surveyed and the theory of location utilized in the retracement / establishment of the boundary lines

  • create a description of real estate for the parcel surveyed

  • includes a Surveyors Report explaining how the survey was performed

  • all original surveys in the State of Indiana are to be performed in accordance with the minimum survey requirements defined in Title 865, Article 1, Rule 12, Sections 1 through 30 of the Indiana Administrative Code.